Mandy has a passion for pregnancy and babies that has grown into a beautiful, bouncing business. During her 13 years as a licensed massage therapist, Mandy has also garnered titles: certified pregnancy massage therapist, labor doula and childbirth educator. To round out her résumé, she recently added prenatal yoga teacher. Mandy uses her knowledge of labor and delivery and the human body to educate expecting moms in class.

Upon graduating from massage therapy school she quickly moved toward pregnancy massage therapist certification. She fell hard for with her work and befriended a fellow massage therapist who was also a doula. Mandy was a quick believe. Another passion to serve others led her to teaching group and private childbirth education, infant massage therapy, and prenatal yoga instruction. In addition, she is a lactation consultant and has added All About bBaby classes to her skillset. She is a non-medical person who assists before, during, and after birth. Mandy finds great value in providing emotional and physical support to the laboring mom.

She knows that the old adage is true: If you do what you love, you will never work another day in your life!